About TiffsFitShop

A lifestyle.

TiffsFitShop is a work in progress. For now, it’s all about stories… stories about unique & hip fitness and food places. Where did the idea or dream begin? Who started it? What obstacles came up and what is the businesses greatest success?!

Everyone loves a good story. Well, they are not told enough. We only hear about the good stuff and sometimes we don’t ever hear about it at all! TiffsFitShop hopes to change that. Do you have a unique or hop food or fitness biz that you want us to write about? If so, send us a message!

Email us. We love wellness people. Tiffany@TiffsFitShop.com


My wellness business is new and this journey has just begun. I’ve always had a passion for fitness & preventative health and am finally making a career of it!


I help Tiffany with IT when needed. My full time career is within the Salesforce space.

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